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All-on4 - The solution for patients with multiple missing teeth

What are my options for dental  implants?

When  a patient has multiple teeth that are missing or failing there are a number of treatment options available. They may include:

- A removable partial dentures 
- A multiple tooth supported fixed bridge
- An implant-supported bridge




What is a Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture is a device that
 utilizes clasps which grabs onto adjacent, healthy teeth keeping  denture in place. These clasps, that are designed to fit tightly onto the healthy teeth exert pressure on the underlying gums and  the natural teeth that  attach onto. The  issie here is that it weakens the patients jawbone and causes the supporting teeth to loosen.  This can lead to additional tooth loss due to the fact that because there is no root system for the missing teeth. Therefore the integrity of the patients jawbone becomes compromised, and subsequently the deterioration of the bone (atrophy) speeds up. The end result resulting is more bone deterioration.

What is a Multiple Tooth Supported Fixed Bridge

A multiple tooth-supported fixed bridge is a common tooth replacement option used today. Howver that is not to say it does not have  all the complications  and risks of using a single tooth bridge. There will be problems of decay, the possibilty of root canal infections and unavoidable  periodontal bone loss. The  bone atrophy can sometimes  be worsedue to the fact that there are more teeth involved. It is unfortunate that larger bridges will fail faster than a patient who has a single tooth bridges placed. 

What is an implant-supported bridge.

An implant-supported bridge is a much  superior dental  implant device than removable partials dentures or the use of a  multiple tooth supported fixed bridge. This is for the following reasons:

The placing of dental implants can virtually stop the process of bone resorption  (deterioration)
Dental Implants are a much comfortable and stable implant device than partial dentures
The patient can maintain the integrity of their facial structure  (the jaw line does not sag)
The gum line stays intact as it is not eaten away by claps.
The patient can chew or bite naturally
The integrity of the adjacent teeth are preserved
Patients can eat virtually anything they want
The dental implants look exactly like real teeth.
There is no need for adhesives. The dental implants are permanent.

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Just as with one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be easily treated with dental implants. Implant supported teeth are permanently fixed in the mouth, unlike removable appliances like dentures. They don’t slip or click, and there is no worry about them moving or falling out when speaking, eating, or participating in activities. And because dental implants are placed directly into the bone, they help preserve the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration. If the implants will be placed next to natural teeth, the natural teeth and surrounding gums must be in good health. If you don't have enough bone to place and support the dental implants, the supporting bone can be built up using bone augmentation or grafting before the actual implant procedure begins.

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