Looking for a Periodontist in Queens

If you are looking for a periodontist in Queens and would like to discuss gum surgery, dental implants, gum disease or have a serious dental condition that needs the attention of a periodontist then please download the form and ask your dentist to fill it in along with supplying  your dental files and x-rays.

The process of  finding a periodontist in Queens for many people may prove to be a difficult task. Many patients get referred to a periodontist in their own area of Queens, but for some they may not feel comfortable or  may want a  second opinion. Dr. Victor Terranova has been a periodontist in Queens and surrounding areas for more than 40 years and from a 'periodontist' point of view there is very little that he has not seen in terms of difficult cases.

He has performed many dental implant procedures, periodontal reconstruction procedures and as well as being a periodontist he is an oral surgeon. He has worked as a periodontist in Queens for many of the larger and more successful dental offices having helped patients overcome periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Dr. Victor Terranova presently works as a periodontist at other dental offices in Queens and regularly performs the following procedures.

regularly performs this procedure at Implants and Periodontics of Astoria which is the Periodontic and Oral Surgery department of Steinway Family Dental Center. As a Queens based periodontist he regularly treats patients with periodontitis. He also perform other surgical procedures that can restore a patients gums and help support their teeth keeping them firmly in their sockets. 

Dr. Victor Terranova can perform the following: 

Non-Surgical Treatments.
Gum Graft Surgery.
Laser Treatment.
Regenerative Procedures.
Dental Crown Lengthening.
Dental Implants.
Pocket Reduction Procedures.

If your dentist has asked you to see a periodontist in Queens and you would like a second opinion regarding dental, bone loss or periodontal disease then we are conveniently located in Astoria, as part of Steinway Family Dental Center. Dr. Victor Terranova is always available for second opinions for either dental implants, periodontal disease or cases regarding oral surgery.

Gum Grafting in Queens  - by Queens Periodontist Victor Terranova

above video  below is a testimonial by a Queens patient who received a gingival gum graft after having severe recession on his mandibular (lower) canine teeth. Dr. Terranova performed an Allograft gingival graft. The patient gave a testimonial after.