Am I a candidate for Dental Implants

Dr Terranova discusses the ideal candidate for dental implants.

Most patients are possible candidates for dental implants no matter what age they are. If the patients are in good health there is a high chance that they are a candidate, however some people who a medically compromised (due to the fact that ANY elective surgery) may put their life at risk cannot have dental implant surgery. 

Patients may have had such excessive bone loss that it would be either impossible or too risky to perform a bone graft. Patients that smoke must accept the fact that dental implant surgery may not be that effective for them.

Dental Implant Candidate

Dental Implants are a highly successful treatment option for the right candidate. For a suitable dental implant candidate , the success rate of a successful  dental implants procedure is about 94%, and can be as high as 97%. However there are several factors that could  influence your suitability.

  • There is not sufficient bone in the area.
  • Gum disease is present.
  • The patient has bite complications.
  • The patient may have poor health or compromised immune system.
  • The amount of tobacco they smoke could adversely affect the outcome.
  • The patient is taking medications that will cause bleeding during the implant procedures E.G. blood thinners.

While the above conditions will not prevent you from getting a dental implant, but they may delay your dental implant procedure until they are remedied or smoking or medication ceases. Some patients with poor bone mass may require bone grafts, in order to receive dental implants. Patients with gum disease will first be treated before undergoing an implant procedure. 

If you have significant bone loss the dentist may perform bone grafting surgery in order to build up bone mass so dental  implant surgery may take place. You may have to wait up to six months from when the bone graft was performed.

The drawback of losing a tooth is that the patient will experience 25% bone loss across the ridge in the first year. this is because the  jawbone  begins to degrade as your body begins to remove bone tissue that is no longer necessary. This will cause your  other teeth  to shift andthey will move  into the gap,causing your  bite  to change. Therefore it is imperative for patients that the sooner they lose a tooth the quicker you  get a dental the quicker you can prevent these conditions from taking place.

In most cases any patient can receive a dental implant as long as they are committed to the process. this may include cessation of smoking, changing medications and overcoming periodontal disease.

Dental Implant Consultation

We understand that each patient has specific needs and that we may not have discussed all the issues that concern you regarding the dental implant procedure. 

You can contact our staff today to setup a consultation with Dr Victor Terranova.

If you are missing teeth the time to get treatment is NOW. when we place dental implants they become a life changing experience for msot of our patients.